Different Kinds of Anime Designs

Physiology is one of the facets of drawing and cartooning that scares the heck out of new artists and caroonists. Fortunately, entirely perfect human body just isn't needed if you are drawing cartoons. Sure, occasionally you might want your own character to appear appealing or follow a specific type of anime style or cartoon style, but that is not always 100% required. Illustration enables you to test and create your own style of artwork. But you will discover that it's helpful to learn some of the anime designs that already exist.

Cartoon artwork can blow off anatomical rules that naturalism artists obsess over. Provided that viewers can make sense of what you happen to be attempting to depict, you really can draw however you like. How you choose to draw actually comes down to what you need to execute as an artist. If you need to draw pretty gals and flitting men, you are going to likely need to get the human body down pretty well. But occasionally specific qualities on the male and female body are exaggerated or understated. This can be seen with the highly stylized eyes and the simplified nose. Attributes that are normally considered appealing are made more noticeable.
But this will not happen in all conditions. For instance, the mouth is normally considered appealing. But it is extremely hard to draw the mouth attractively. So artists usually prevent drawing mouths in an attractive manner.
Another aim of an artist might be to manga online characters in a way that exaggerates their character or comical nature. Extreme emotions in many cases are drawn in a twisted manner to indicate that this character just isn't meant to be taken overly seriously. Innocent and menacing characters in many cases are drawn with enormous eyes, weak bodies, and nonexistent mouths. Other cartoonists totally avoid drawing a character attractively because the aim is to get the reader to not take the character too seriously.