Which ingredients make perfect wholesale e-liquid?

Need of wholesale e liquid?
Many people do not know what the activity of e liquid is. The e liquid is also called e-juice. It is one of the most important substitutes of e-smoking. E-liquid or e-Juice is actually self-possessed element which is made with five ingredients. You should find out the best wholesale e liquid to get the standard quality outstanding odor and delicious e-liquid.
These ingredients are:
• Vegetable Glycerin or VG - The base of e liquid is prepared with 80% to 90% of e-juice and is mixed with 100% VG or a blend of PG. It is vastly utilized in most of the food as well as personal care elements such as tooth paste.
• PG means Propylene Glycol – It is basically the prepared mixing with VG as the main element of e-juice.
• Flavor - This product is mixed with e liquid by 10% to 20%. All the e-juice uses the food grade to flavor exactly for baking or chocolate making.
• Nicotine is also presence in the e liquid with 0% to 2.4%. However, the amount of Nicotine is depended on strength. Some large supplier of e-juice generally uses pharmaceutical grade original nicotine.
• The last item of e juice is distilled water. It is used to dilute all products properly.
All above ingredients you will get in the e-liquid supplied by the best wholesale e-liquid distributors.
Major ingredients needed to make wholesale eliquid:
Though there are several ingredients is needed to prepare the e liquid, but two most important ingredients are Vegetable Glycerin shortly VG & Propylene Glycol shortly PG. These two ingredients make the base of the e-liquid.
Correct percentage of ingredients and proper mixing is also needed to make the e-liquid superb in the sense of taste and flavor. Only the licensed and reputed wholesale eliquid suppliers can provide you correct e-liquid maintaining all procedure of preparation.